Practice Prep

Practice Prep suggestions:

  • Wear comfortable clothes that you can move and sweat in.
  • Dance barefoot or in dance shoes.
  • Have your water bottle filled and available.
  • Clear a space as big as possible to move in. Be mindful of possible obstacles, especially rugs and table corners.
  • If dancing with your family or roommates, respect a no-touch practice.

To truly release into your practice, we encourage letting go of computer & phone screens. 

Turn off your cell phone and computer notifications + close other apps and windows.If it’s important for you to see and be seen in community, join the optional Zoom room (link will be available on class page during broadcast). The music/sound will not stream through Zoom. You must have the WorldWide Raven page open to actually hear the class. Please consider the Zoom room sacred dance space.

For optimal sound – we suggest connecting bluetooth, stereo speakers, or your TV to your computer. 

While computer audio works fine, the experience is elevated if you connect real speakers. You can test your sound before class by playing one of the example Classes, which are available on the home page.