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a 4 week self study series guided by Jonathan Horan

Each time we step into our movement practice we meet the crossroads of indifference or curiosity. Of disregard or discovery. Of apathy or inspiration. When dancing solo, we can welcome what is present to partner with around us or yearn in boredom for non-existent possibilities.

For over three decades, Jonathan Horan has refined the art of journeying into trance. Before we cross into the gateway of the 5Rhythms meditation, we have the opportunity to choose: Is this space my prison or my creative challenge? My master or my partner? My problem or my muse?

At the heart of every embodiment practice there is a deep respect for creating foundations and beginnings. Through 4 one week practices, Jonathan unearths the tools and tips to open and maintain curiosity, deepen purpose, and develop a stronger sense of self to bring into your 5Rhythms practice and in your every day life.

Find your intention. Meet yourself in commitment. Reap the rewards of a continuous practice.


All sessions will be available instantly and you’ll have a full 30 days to complete your journey. We recommend moving through each week’s teachings + assignments 1 week at a time. While we suggest completing the first practice in this series, Dancing with Myself, it is not required to participate.

4 Sessions $45

One movement session per week + assignments and teachings are released every Tuesday. Each week’s session will remain in your on-demand library for the full 4 weeks that your pass is active. Students are encouraged to compliment these teachings by dancing to daily 5Rhythms classes here or with any of our teachers worldwide. These teachings are designed to bring into full class practice as much as possible.

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