What is 5Rhythms LiveStream?

5Rhythms LiveStream is a service that provides live streaming of classes that take place in 5Rhythms Studios & teachers homes around the world. The idea came about when the COVID-19 pandemic closed classes and workshops worldwide for months and we were looking for a way to stream classes to students, while also respecting the copyrights and fee payments to Musicians.

The service is intended to provide in-home practice when visiting a local class or workshop is not possible and students want to maintain a consistent practice – it is ideal for those that are traveling for work, for parents who have no baby sitter and need to stay home with children, during a pandemic when meeting collectively is not possible, etc. It is not a replacement for an in-studio practice with a group of students that feed, fuel and support our journey.

How much does it cost?

We have day (24 hour) , weekly and monthly passes. All passes offer live or on-demand practice.

RAVEN WAVES is in partnership with Raven Recording subscription and offers once Thursday class per week for a $45 charge per month.

ALL ACCESS MONTHLY subscriptions offer 30 days of practice from the moment of purchase. The charge is $80 per week and gives access to all classes broadcast that month. This is an ongoing subscription and can be cancelled at anytime before the next billing cycle begins.

ALL ACCESS WEEK PASS offers 7 days straight of practice from the moment of purchase. The charge is $22 per week and gives access to all classes broadcast that week and available in the on-demand library.

DAY PASSES offer access for 24 hour from the moment of purchase and are channel specific. You can choose which class you want to practice to and will have access to that channel for both live and on-demand practice for 24 hours.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Cancelled subscriptions do not offer pro-rated refunds for time not used in a given day/week/month.

Is this experience the same as going to a class or workshop in person?

We do not want to encourage students to stay home and think of the Live Stream as a replacement for coming to classes and workshops. There is no substitute for being in class with a real teacher and other students.

What is the difference between live and on-demand classes?

The unique thing about the service is that classes are really ‘live’ and happening in real time. Live classes offer an optional Zoom room link to see and be seen, connecting in community by other dancers practicing at the same time. The teachers can also see the students and can teach to the “room.” This makes them feel real and intimate. It also is unlike canned yoga and meditation videos where everything is perfect, because our practice is not about perfection. We offer experiences that encourage being real and authentic in the moment. We have gone to great efforts to provide high quality video and sound to enhance the experience.

The on-demand classes are rotated out monthly. This allows students in different time zones to take advantage of them if they cannot participate at the live streaming time and also gives students the opportunity to experience other teachers. It may also be useful for those interested in discovering more about 5Rhythms.

What should I wear and how should I prepare to practice?

Read our Practice Prep page for some simple tips to get started!

I can’t figure out the tech Help!

We’ve created this page of common asked tech questions and answers. Read here for some questions and answers to navigate the tech side. If you get stuck, please email us at live@5rhythms.com for one on one support.