Below are some common answers to help guide you on the tech side. Tech support is available Monday -Friday 10am – 5pmET + during all livestream class hours by emailing

Can’t find your class stream page?

Be sure you are logged in here first. Once logged in, My Livestreams appears in the top menu bar. If you do not see My Livestreams then you are not logged in.

Hover over My Livestreams and a dropdown menu with your active stream pages will appear. Click the link for the class you want to join live or on-demand.

Can’t find your login credentials?

If you purchased a pass without making a login first, your temporary password was emailed to you. Sometimes this email lands in your spam folder, so be sure to check there! If you still can’t locate it, email and we can generate a new one for you.

Where can I find on-demand classes?

The on-demand library is found below the player on your stream page. We store the last 30 days of classes in this library. You can use the search bar to find specific classes, such as the class name or a teacher name to filter the results.

Why can’t I hear sound?

Usually if someone can’t hear sound its for one of two reasons:

1- You are used to receiving sound in the zoom room. Due to our music licensing and tracking system, all sound is only played through the player on the stream page. Zoom is only for visually connecting with dancers. Be sure to have the stream page open and and press play on the player when class starts.

2- Your player sound is muted. If you hover over the bottom of the player with your mouse, you’ll see a small menu bar appear. There is a sound control here. Be sure its not set to mute.

Can I arrive late?

Once class starts you can either start at the beginning of the class or catch up to the current LIVE point in the player.

To catch up to the current LIVE point of class, hover over the bottom of the player and click the red LIVE text. This will jump the player right to where the teacher is in real time.

You can also choose to start from the beginning as well and dance the full class.