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Poetry in motion. The poetry of timelessness and the stories of eternity between the bookshelves.

The stones which I bring home from my travels, precious souvenirs that speak the language of the forgotten ones.

An owl that I meet at twilight at the edge of the wood.

A dragonfly which is drawing circles on the surface of the pond with a gentle touch.

A cat that is purring its healing vibrations.

The sage which is clearing and refreshing the space.

The plants. A blossom. The beginning and the end. 

An inhale and an exhale. Here and now.

Let’s travel.


guided by MARTINA MOTL



8pm Slovenia / 2pm NY

or On-Demand later

Collage by Maruša Žemlja, Photo by Sanjin Kastelan

5Rhythms LiveStream

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